Thursday, 15 October 2009

All netted out

I will have an internet free day tomorrow.

All week I have been following what has been happening at the Select Committee and the Lobby to Parliament. Apart from a crash introduction to exam invigilating on Monday, when my coughing older son was determined to do his maths mock gcse at the same time as his classmates were doing it at school.

Wow, teachers have to cope with a lot, I was so nervous, printed off a second copy, just in case, got a calm book to read during it, went to the loo beforehand, read the instructions loads of times, had a drink first so I wouldn't be drinking in front of him, didn't know whether to look at the worker or not....copied it carefully afterwards, mailed it off straightaway, heaved huge sigh of relief.

Over the weekend I need to complete my response to the Consultation. I want to have proper notes so I can rewrite it and resubmit if the link doesn't work. Just in case...

It's hard to find that balance between paying attention to all this and being available to chat and enjoy being at home with my son. Every so often he asks me if we 'have won' yet. I was able to tell him with joy about the video of passing traffic hooting their support in Westminster on Tuesday.

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