Sunday, 6 September 2009

What interferes with Home Education?

I am in two minds about this. Over the past couple of days home ed has not been working, but the reason it has not been working is in fact the reason why it does over the longer term.

Life happens, my friend has needed me and I have wanted to be there to help out in ways I can, with her cat and by bringing T to fix her computer. T has gone back to school into year 10 and I am concentrating on bonding with/telling the support teachers what to do.

The result of that has been huge tiredness, exhaustion, lack of attention to H, meal provision has gone out of the window and my hip and arm are hurting again. I was so tired I couldn't drop off to sleep until after 2am.

However.....getting back into a calmer way of life, getting back in synch with each other, making nice toast with butter and H's favourite strawberry jam, having discussions about 'what is the meaning of life?' (seriously, this is how lots of our chats start off) is how home ed is re-established.

Without the ups and downs there wouldn't be much to discuss! I'd rather not have the ups and downs though. What I'm getting to is that the ups and downs are real, not fabricated by me to teach H about real life, they *are* real life. What happens is grist to our mill, that is what we discuss.

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  1. Absolutely...I agree whole heartedly with you! It is for this reason I think, that others do not understand HE


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