Thursday, 10 September 2009

Interactive maths post

Square root of 4981 is 70.9, H's guess.

Competition time, please put the right answer in the comments box!


  1. Er...actually I'd have made the same guess...thinking 7x7 is 70x70 is probably 4900. 9x9 is 81, so maybe .9 x.9 = that doesn't work does it? Ok, someone will have to tell me cos I can't find a calculator. (p.s. I did get A level maths but I confess I have absolutely no real comprehension of the subject)

  2. I'm another A level maths person, it was so good I took it twice LOL.

    I found a calculator in the kitchen and the answer is.......70.6 or 70.5761 etc


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