Wednesday, 23 September 2009


We went out collecting conkers, beech nuts and sycamore seeds. Then we put lovely dark compost in some pots and planted lots of trees for the future.

Now the pots are settled in a special place in the garden and H is watering them each day.

I have decided to just sit when I am with H rather than just sit with a laptop on my knee. What a big difference this makes. The power of patient attention. I like to have a hot cup of tea in my hand at the same time. I can't remember such a successful day for ages and ages. Today H doesn't need me so much, so I am here on my blog.

Why don't mothers like me have this level of ability to just be when the children are really little? Why did nature plan it so badly that I am only beginning to have the talents I need as a mother over a decade into the job?

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