Thursday, 17 September 2009


Lovely surprise mushrooms. Why do mushrooms grow in different places each time? I had never expected to find them here! This is a patch of gravel at the front of the house where there is a bench to sit on and lots of grape hyacinth.
Here is its brother. There is a third one, but putting that up might be overkill. Each one has a different shape. I can see why people talk to plants, or rather sit and listen in silence to them.
I prune my roses hard after flowering, and now I am getting a second set of flowers in the year. This is the very first bud of the autumn.
These wild courgette flowers are so large. The yellow is much brighter than the photo shows. It is such an act of faith or foolishness to produce these beautiful flowers late in the year. The bees and wasps seem to have gone already.

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