Friday, 12 June 2009


T and H are talking away, spam, getting a second broadband line, horror films I won't allow "I do have some standards" I squeaked, computers, shopping for new cables, toolbars for flash, apps, some special back lit keyboard, face cream!!, American ads on TV, YouTube, how to pronounce 'derogatory', insults on COD4, getting an email address, making up new words, 'that's the second time I said that and I regret that', getting a headset, mistaking an insect on the screen for my cursor, B and V lessons, psychological test on critical thinking, being out of the house in the drive when H was busy indoors, our visiting cat starting to scratch the furniture, new approach to the cat, possibility of the cat scratching the fan of the computer, hoovers, silencer on a hoover, Delta fan and a finger (not recommended), don't touch the red button, tasting ear wax, Scooby Snacks, bad breath in the morning, gunk in your eyes/sleepy dust, tasting apple flavoured washing up liquid when I was 16, why?, coco pops, Coke, Jane Austen went to school for one year around age 11, mindless drivel, laughing at your own jokes, Bugatti Veyron with mile high spoiler, what is Jeremy Clarkson doing right now?,

The clock, turquoise paint, carpet in bathrooms, light fittings are awful, bulbs are see though and filaments burn your eyes, bad fireplace, dead bees in the blue sofa room, bugs flying round the room in the evening, why did we buy this house, this would be a nice conversion, make it more modern, light, Grade 1 listed, Grade 3??, problem with a g2 listed house no one would ever want to buy it, couldn't even sell it to the bank, knocking though to next door, non sequitur, I want to go to bed, I really like Stonehenge, pulling a piece of shocking chewing gum.

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