Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Wander round the garden

A wild area where the weeds just grow like a cloud of fine flowers when the opportunity allows them to. This area of the garden used to be covered with brambles and so was a real haven for rabbits, munkjac deer and rats too. Then the wildife started digging holes in the school playing field next door so I had to put the children's ankles first. I was mortified!
Some bright tips of new growth on a fir tree/christmas tree in our back garden. Since then the tips have grown to 1.5 inches at least. And there is some spectacular bindweed now. To think I used to panic about it. Now I realise that as long as I cut it off at the root before the flowers have gone to seed there is nothing much to worry about.

My lovely healthy weeds, growing up the stem of the rose by our back door. The rose leaves have never looked so glossy and large as this year. Maybe it is because of the snow in February?

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