Thursday, 21 May 2009

Buddhism for Mothers and flower arranging

Buddhism for Mothers: by Sarah Napthali.

"it is your own experience that fuels your learning. The lessons that your own life is teaching you are the most reliable and the most useful. It's your journey."

"Mothers of small children are on their own."

I remember splitting myself in two and one part of me would mother the other suffering part of me when the children were small. I also remember realising that mothers tend not to need challenges like climbing Everest, they have already done the loneliness and the mental ongoingness. No climb of Everest takes 5+ years!!

Flower arranging: I had a cleaning lady over 10 years ago who collected flowers from our garden every week and would leave me an arrangement. She inspired me to start going out with my scissors and little vase of water.

I could do a new flower arrangement every day and each one would be different. I have small vases which I use and I love each variation. I listen to each plant to see if it is saying yes or no to being cut in this way. That sounds odd, but I get a distinct no from some plants. A day at the Abbey Sutton Courtenay led by Barbara Vellacott taught me this.

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