Sunday, 18 June 2017

Weird day - Wonderful day - draft from 12th March 2014

I went along Piccadilly looking for earrings, finding a beautiful print by Wallace Reynolds at the Royal Academy, finding a cake, but it was simultaneously utterly pointless. I knew no one, was swamped by possible places to go to and just wanted to sit somewhere quiet and feel the warm sun. I had a search for a small notebook, but just found arty items instead.

Going to the same places is like going back in time. Why go on the Victoria Line when I have done this many times already? Why stand on the top floor of the stacks in the London Library wondering at the view right down through the metal grills for the nth time?

Then I was cross with the library for not even having a single item by 2 writers I did a search for. Then I decided it was not amazon, but more like someone's home shelves. It would be ludicrous to be cross that they didn't have something. The whole point is to look around and enjoy what they do have.

Now I am having a moan and am thinking what a great moment this is. I have waved my parents off to the first of 3 dinner parties they have lined up over the next 4 days. Even better I have my feet up with this iPad and my brother is whizzing across London by train to see me. Soon enough we will be deciding where to go out.

I shall fix all the typos later once I am back home.


Done. Now I need to fix my jitteriness, too much coffee and wine and general busyness.

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