Saturday, 10 June 2017

The here and now - Draft post from 6th Sept 2013

We have cooler weather, I didn't really believe the forecasts because it was so lovely and warm, a blissful bit of UK summer yesterday.

Our hot water system is broken. We have a kettle and my mother in law's functioning household next door. Do I rush to make calls for another electrician to install a new immersion timer, or simply wait for him to return from holiday to fix it? I'd rather wait peacefully... But then I'd like a warm shower and to be able to do the washing up.

I have polished my older son's bedroom window, including the frame and the gap to the outside world. Too many cobwebs! Now it is fresh and clean. He is on his travels, returning on Saturday.

My husband leaves on Sunday for a very short trip to Hong Kong. It's a good thing I am at home a lot.

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