Monday, 5 June 2017

For the record: the 2 demos I have been on - Draft post from 29th April 2013

2012 In front of the Bahraini and Saudi embassies - for Bahrain

2013 In front of Parliament - for Iran


B B King - Lucille

Well, I have been on many demos since then. Even doing one woman ones on St Giles in Oxford and opposite Downing Street. In a way I prefer the individual ones. People come up and talk a little bit in a way which doesn't happen when there is a group, or even 2 people. It's just me and the people going past. Nothing else at all. Pure determination. Pure vulnerability too. My attention is 100% on the task and the situation.

I can imagine myself at 90 happily standing in the street or on a little chair with my poster. Maybe not happily, but fiery eyed, calm and serious.

23rd May 2017

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