Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Little stones 3 - Draft post from 2nd January 2013

Flick through the pages / easy to read the English poems and text / strangely emotion-free / is this my culture, it seems barren, difficult, suffering / sounding out each letter in some Arabic words / aha, this is 'habibi' and ooh, this is 'hajj', and there is 'alhiya' that must be the one or God / such beautiful kindness between the father and the son at birth / I want to lend this to my Arabic teacher


That didn't go so well when I tried, I was given the brush off, oh well, so what. I wasn't trying to look as if I could read actual lines, just one or two words. I was happy with finding my words in there. That book is left behind now too. Another of the casualties of a fast move.

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