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Chopsticks and Home Education - Draft post from 27th September 2012

Spontaneous education would be a better name. Tonight T came home telling us how easy it had been to learn how to use chopsticks. The time was right, he was in the right place, with a friend and he wanted to learn. So it took him a few minutes.

All those blog posts about how when the person wants to learn something, they just do, are true.

Imagine a structured plan to engage someone with chopsticks in a pretend restaurant, with no real food....This is why the word 'engage' makes my hackles rise. Similarly with the word 'get' someone to do something.

I'm on the verge of doing the jumping off the cliff and hoping to find I have wings thing with learning Arabic. It will be on Monday evenings and I have no babysitter yet. I may need one from October 2012 until March 2013.


El Morabba3 & El Far3i - Taht il Ard = Under the Earth

كلمات الأغنية
ما تقوليلي ..تحت الأرض..إلي أسبوعين واقف على الأرض ..عم بحكي و بشكي ..مصافي و قوانين طاقة و علوم ..ما 
تطلعي فوق..عالم مجنون..عم بحفر..نازلّك عم بحفر..في عالم عم تؤمن و عالم عم تكفر..و كلهم هون ..بشوفهم كل يوم إشي بيكره حاله و إشي بيكرهني..أنا بس لو سيّارة لبعيد تاخدني..طب تكسي! يوقّفلي..طب ضلّك ..ضل رايح..لبعيد ..نيّاله!.. أو الله إيعينه على حاله.. تلاقيه من كل نمرة طلعتله قرفان....

تحت الأرض خلّيكي..بركان بيتغزّل فيكي..خلّي الجذور تحميكي..بترجّى فيكي..

مشكلتي أنا بحكي كثير...أنا بحكي كثير..بس بدّي أقلّك قصة أسير..ضل يحفر تيوصل و يهرب ..و بس شاف الشمس كانت عم تغرب..قال الحرية مبيوعة و الناس ما بتوعى..كل واحد سكّين و بيطعن بأصله و كل ما بخف ..في صوت بيندهله...بقلّه تعال!..تع ننسى الأحوال..يابا مافي احتلال..هاي هي الحرية..هذا فرد مي و دبّابة وهمية..عشان يصعب التفسير..عشان يصعب التفسير...

Lyrics in English
Under the ground

Don't tell me... under the ground... I have been standing on the land for two weeks... I'm just talking and complaining... refineries, energy and science laws... don't go above... a crazy world... I am digging..Coming down to meet you ..I am digging... there are people who are believing and people who are becoming non believers...and all of them are here... I see them every day, some of them hate themselves and some of them hate me... if only a car could take me far away... or a taxi! 
Please stop for me... or just keep going... far... he is lucky! may God help him... he is probably disgusted from everyone that rode with him today...

Stay under the land... a volcano admires you... let the roots protect you... I am begging you...

My problem is that I talk a lot... I really talk a lot... but I want to tell you a prisoner's story... the prisoner keeps digging until he reaches and escapes... and he finally sees the sun, but it is setting... he says freedom is sold and the people are not aware... everyone is a knife, stabbing his descent, and when that cures... there is a voice calling him... it tells him, "Come!... Come, let's forget the condition... hey man, there is no occupation... this is freedom... this is a water gun and a fake tank..." and the explanation becomes more difficult... and the explanation becomes more difficult ...

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