Sunday, 23 April 2017

Today's new blog - غزاوي‎‎ رزان

I particularly love this post because it mentions her relationship with herself:

Now the good stuff: I talk to myself a lot during the day. Part of my well-being is to understand myself, my new self that evolved during the uprising and the war. After all, I am living with myself ALL DAY. All my life. Sometimes I am not my self and I don’t recognize it. How to deal with that? My solution is that me and myself should talk about it.

I describe it a bit differently, I remind myself that I am permanently married with myself. I mean that I will be my companion and closest witness for my entire life, not a thought will go unheard, no heart beat will go missing. There's definitely space for someone else in my heart though, that's a different thing altogether.

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