Monday, 24 April 2017

Congratulations to myself! Mazel tov biani wa mabrukni - old draft post

I have written out the Hebrew alphabet for the first time from end to end from memory. It took having a bath with the text book a pen and a sheet of paper to crack the final elusive 6. They were towards the end, but not the final 4.

So, a week well spent. I walk down the street gazing into the middle distance writing them out with my right hand, imperceptibly, as I go along.

A few days ago I woke in the dead of night and instantly started to speak my 4 phrases to myself in my mind:

eriv tov
leila tov

Then of course I began to create very short Arabic phrases describing what I was doing. What is the name for this switching from asleep to active thinking? Seriously, I woke and went straight into the words! I didn't move a muscle. All going on in my head.

Mon 18th Oct 2015, for when I revert to English, or cheat by writing more in English in the comment boxes.

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