Monday, 21 November 2016

Sunday 20th nov 2016 - #NaBloPoMo

اي او نعم

سأكتب كل يوم في شهر نوفمبر...الآن يوم الاحد الاسود لان مات كمبوتر إبني, همستر أم زوجي, وجد صديقة إبني آخر

****Well, organising a Parliamentary mass lie-in all over the grass in Parliament Square might be more effective at getting attention and showing the rest of the world that MPs and Peers can get dramatic when needed.

The sister and family of a Syrian friend of mine are in a house with no basement in Aleppo. Her brother in law's house was bombed yesterday so they have moved to be with her.

This is very real. I am in a buddy group supporting him. He has been a refugee in Jordan for 3 years now. We message each other as a group through every day, morning to evening. His nephew was shelled in the summer. We dread who may be next.****

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  1. Those paragraphs in English were the personal section of a letter to my MP about Syria. Well, I'd sit up if I got a message like that. I wasn't accusing her or demanding anything, simply stating things from my point of view and then trusting in her own judgement.


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