Monday, 28 November 2016

nablopomo - options if all my online efforts were scrubbed

A few weeks ago I wondered how I would react if both this blog and my facebook life were deleted. All photos gone, all the words and stories, all just small memories from those years. Oh, and my Arabic Study Group gone too, with all my contacts on there.

I pretty much immediately decided I'd start again writing day by day. Now I realise that I might take a different approach if it had all been deliberately deleted rather than an accidental loss.

Hand written note books, photos of instant art posted to other groups, performances and happenings on wooden benches in Oxford City Centre. Set up groups in real life meeting in cafes. Regular monthly parties and weekly creative workshops. Those are the things I'd turn to. Well, and join groups already in existence.

Moving into the future. Connecting with other people locally. It sounds like a very good idea. Being sad for the losses, but turning to what is possible with hope for the future.

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