Saturday, 29 October 2016

Stephen O'Brien - Statement to the UN - 26th October 2016 - Aleppo, Syria - حلب, سوريا

Read on behalf of all the people who come from Aleppo and other parts of Syria and can't face the news, day after day, year after year. And on behalf of those who can't turn away and live with this the moment they wake up, every single day.

Sometimes it is easier for people who have no link with a country to stand in the street to demonstrate, they do not fear the long arm of the tyrant.

It's ok to be late to the story. Politicians feel braver I think when they know they have millions of people behind them. They can take more of a stand on behalf of others, even if they have never been to the country and can't speak the language. Anyway, I do.

Sometimes reading a message in my own language gets through in a way something written by a non-native speaker doesn't. Sometimes it's absolutely the other way around.

Share what you can with others, take a break from the situation when you have to. I was faced with Aleppo in A and E at a hugely traumatic time. I just clocked it and drifted off into our own world, but there it was carrying on whether or not we had our own emergency, facing the woman curled up in a chair and obviously about to collapse all over the floor at any moment.

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