Thursday, 18 February 2016

أنتوني ويلسون + تيد هيوز



يحب الكلمات + يحب هذا الشاعر  = يبدأ قلبي للفوز سريع جدا
يبدأ = it starts
للفوز = with the beating, ie starts to thump
سريع = fast


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  1. No corrections for this one, too confused to be helped. Any how this is my explanation:

    Well, I'm trying to say a lot with a small number of words, which I don't really know!. .

    The writer Anthony Wilson was blogging about the Irish poet Ted Hughes, using language which was so simple and beautiful that I realised I was reacting physically to it, in a way another poetry contact of mine had been aiming to achieve in a poem he'd shared on a private group I'm in. So I was amazed to find that th intended reaction was in fact unexpectedly created by a piece of prose about something not remotely romantic at all

    Ted Hughes is dead now, but his words live on. Here is a short, simple poem called 'Digging' which shows his attention to his father and the land. It is read by another Irish poet, Seamus Heaney, whose accent is so very soft and clear.

    Link to Seamus Heaney:


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