Sunday, 15 November 2015

Translating one line of poetry a week on Facebook

This is turning into a bit of a nightmare. It is occupying too many comment boxes. There is so much to explain that it takes ages. I want to mention the invisible vowels and the endings. I don't want to miss out anything crucial. I want to explain all the things that I didn't have explained to me, clearly, simply and slowly.

Originally I wanted to spend an afternoon a week with someone friendly at a cafe doing this. My imagination said surely at least 10 people would jump at the chance!

What's worse, I have decided to not post short films again until December. This allows space for the tribute to Khalid Al Asaad of Palmyra links all November. It means that the group has gone all wordy. Will my new members be put off and get fed up?

Once in a while I need to write in English.

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