Saturday, 24 October 2015

لا اكتب الكلمات.

اشعر ولكن لا اكتب الكلمات.

لا اعرف الكلمات التي اريد.

أنا أبحث عنهم ولكن لا اجدهم.


  1. What I want to say is impossible even in English.

    It would be something like: I abandon stupid comments and jokey remarks.

    That is still too light.

    I can't do it in English. This language is too distant from how things are.

  2. even in *my* English

    *The way I use* this language

  3. i feel but i can't write the words
    i don't know the words which i need
    i search for them but i do not find them


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