Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Where is this small patch of grass with its own tiny pond and willow herb?

The view from a peaceful place to rest, read about war, have bare feet, ignore the loud punting noises and eat an apple thinking about a friend's poem.

Latest first: Some of us have uploaded our Soundcloud recordings for the Ashmolean, soon to be put out on their Twitter feed.

I need a minder: In London I told a man in a shop 'Your Arabic is really nice.' As if I can judge.

Brian Eno: I still love these 3 songs, for driving between here and there, just being while in the fast lane, Silver Morning, Deep Blue Day ,Weightless

A great watch: Mehdi Hasan interviewing Russell Brand 

Khubz al-mawz: banana cake really

A poetry book shop in London: coming soon

Human Rights Watch, Chatham House, Redress, PEN and others continue to meet to keep up the pressure on Bahrain: 373 views so far, increase that if possible.

August's Prisoner of Conscience: ifex is focusing on one a month

What have I done for the Syrian refugees recently? Exactly.

I wrote an effusive greeting on the noticeboard at work. Today there was another comment in Arabic. So I wrote a question under it. What will happen next?

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