Friday, 21 August 2015

First time and 'Give it a go'

Ages ago I decided to do a political action for Libya. Here are the draft posts from the day before and the day afterwards. What I didn't realise until a few weeks later was that fasting means no drinking either! I had been spending the day feeling terrified of not eating for hours and hours, but at the same time sipping all sorts of herbal teas while resting on the sofa!!! Not a full fast at all. Never mind, I meant well.


First time

I feel a bit of a twit, but I'll try to fast for as much of tomorrow as I can. I have never been asked to take part in a fast before. It's in support of Libya, so I have a tray of goodies to eat at crack of dawn! Then I'll go back to sleep with indigestion. All in a very good cause, so we'll see. Apparently staying in bed and taking it very easy is best.

Luckily I have some dates in the house and even humous for the evening.

'Give it a go'

That's what one tweeter said about doing a one day, dawn to dusk fast. The writer had no idea of the sheer level of fear even attempting such a thing gave me.

Even though it was on Thursday I still haven't completely digested (!) the process and am still mentally out of synch with my normal life. I couldn't sleep last night until after 6am, now that is a level of insomnia I haven't experienced for ages and can normally be blamed on a strong coffee. My heart started beating intensely and my thoughts were racing.

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