Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Time on my hands means

I put 'Arabic' in the search box on the Free Word Centre website and up popped this list of articles to read.


I also found an interview from the US with the non-Arabic speaking translator of Adnan Al-Sayegh. That made me stop and think about translating in a new light. If people are doing it with no Arabic whatsoever, I am shocked. I distinctly remember my finals paper translating from French to English and this was not meant for anyone who couldn't completely understand what was going on. I got a first for that paper, so was extremely proud of myself. Mind you, I knew all the authors and had read their books, so it was a walk in the park. Imagine how bad some of my other papers were if overall I got a 2:2. Apparently apart from the one first I only got 2:1s and no actual 2:2s, the others must have been terrible, my tutor didn't tell me and I didn't ask. She was Dr Ann Moss then.


A draft from August last year, but with an updated link. This is all too enticing, I must stop and go and get dressed and give my son breakfast...

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