Monday, 13 July 2015

July Season of Short Films from Syria - 2/4

This one is called 'Case of Rhythm' directed by Dani Shahfeh:

A drummer I know has joined the facebook group and came out with a whole load of comments I would never have dreamt of.

I wonder whether short films allow you to focus on the details because there isn't a huge sweep of history or long involved story to follow. A viewer only has a limited amount of attention. A short poem allows me to go right into the punctuation and words because I am not being pulled away to the next 10 stanzas. In fact the shorter, the better.

This film took me to the hot aimless summers of being teenage, where the surfaces of things seemed inexplicable and older people were at a vast distance, not explaining anything of any importance or being real in a way I could understand at all.

I also recognised the strangely body-built men of my son's games, a fantasy of sas commandos and blank-eyed warriors. This young man was a lot more human than them, but still had those overtones.

Practice reading the names in the credits. Eventually it will become second nature to recognise that the letters m h m d will always be Mohammad and m h m u d will always be Mahmood, for example.

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