Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Words are failing

Coming and going

Being in one place, then another

children big role
then son so
all to been
the cause embarrassing
this to ok
if home older
son home see
are it to
like with to
cause upheaval
then the mother
her husband the
then then is
so are feels
tended with be
profound to tended
all home going
the the mother

I could not post the text, so I performed various operations upon it to make it unintelligible. Perhaps this says un-enough? Sufficiently little? A form of cendoring, I mean censoring, not candouring.


The cat and I do Contact Improvisation when she visits at 7am

Looking for metaphors in the crash barrier and the lush green trees

Each time I use a swear word I really mean a whole paragraph


What happened to my grandmothers's friends?

I shouldn't have had a chat about how to discuss a problem today, or is this bumpy road a good one none the less?

Three vases from a charity shop for the kitchen implements.

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