Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Going all round the houses to get back to my starting point

I have an Encyclopedia of Arabic Literature, so I looked up something and browsed around for a while.

Which authors jumped out at me? Saint-Jean Perse and others from my French reading years.

My texts are in plastic bags in a dark cupboard and also in boxes in the attic. They used to be neatly arranged on proper bookshelves which I'd built myself, but things have happened since then.

I need my books more than anything else. I will know I am at home when they are cherished and visible. There have been many years of darkness/silence.

Car conversations

I got a bit irate, but did calm down. We were discussing relationships and having children. As a parent just being correct and bland isn't enough, and isn't possible in any case. How much to put into words? There will always be other times to continue discussing this. It probably underpins all other topics.


Beautiful vases and boxes make all the difference to a room. Stacks of un-contained items are messy and distracting to me. Why are dividing lines necessary and reassuring? Why is the pattern made by a row of vases so important?

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