Sunday, 28 June 2015

Giving each other pleasure: I see 3 sonnets go sailing by on Court Hill in the sunshine

Well, that's where we got to on Thursday with our poem we couldn't let go of. We were walking around talking about it and wondering why we didn't like it, but just couldn't move on from it. Then I said 'I bet it is made up of 3 sonnets' more as a joke, the most unlikely thing I could think of, so we counted the lines and lo and behold, the poems is made of 3 sets of 14 lines, each 14th line is the end of a stanza.

We both laughed with glee at this. So satisfying. Noisy poetry discussions!

So where did that get us? Well, we started looking at the poem in an entirely different light. How is it that a new respect comes in, a new sharper assessment, looking for the meaning given by the two breaks between the three sonnet lengths, the creation of 3 more separate sections. A greater appreciation for the choice of stanza lengths, enjoyment of the 2 line sections in particular.

Anyway, I need to write the rest on the forum where we both chat.

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