Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Full moon again - Last sleep out?

Walking through such high banks of grasses

H and I went for a walk while it was still light. I explained how I sat in a hedgerow last summer to simply be there and see what was happening all around me.

We saw a bumble bee holding onto a grass head. There was Hogweed, so I told him how much taller Giant Hogweed can be and how dangerous it is to touch.

A red flying beetle caught my attention.

Last sleep out?

I might not get the chance to sleep outdoors in this garden again, so I'm taking my chances out there tonight, though the wind has got up.

I do it because of the noises at night, the breathing of the wind, the space, the darkness, the sweeping of the trees around the front garden, the opportunity.

Previous places: cockpit of the boat and the patio garden at Tachbrook Street.


Each time I put something together the engineers have designed new ways of fixing it. I hope they realise that people like me appreciate their imagination and the whole process of working it out. They are teaching me how to follow their thinking. The diagrams don't help much, handling the pieces and looking at it all does.

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