Monday, 22 June 2015

Dobre yutro/Dobre dan/Good morning/Good afternoon - My English isn't good enough

My Serbian

Yes, a bit more Serbian, will I find my soul in there somewhere? My mother and H are learning at the same time :) Try putting it into Arabic:

دوبر يوترو/ دوبر دان

My English

I know it is too vague and waffly. Too informal. Too personal.

Worse than than: How can I consider ever doing any further study, as the saying goes, if I resist the idea of ​​correct, authoritative and anonymous academic-speak? Resist it with my whole body and being, not just with a little shudder. I got a 2:2 as well, and I'd need to have got a 2:1. That can't be changed. I did get a first for one of my finals papers, translation from French to English,  so that is in my favour. I remember how easy that paper was,  I recognised the writers and just felt at home with the texts. My 16th century paper was a nightmare, I had never got on with Ronsard and experimenting at that point was never going to go well. At least I can be calm in the midst of an academic disaster.

I want to study contemporary US and UK poetry as well as modern Arabic language and literature, I cannot give up any of them. So I am snookered before I start. What I want to study is so vast I might as well carry on at my own pace. My current situation is very nearly perfect from that point of view.

I see why being able to learn is such a privilege. So many things have to be in correct alignment. Or you have to sacrifice everything else and just go at it, come what may, and simply never give up. Or only for an afternoon of crossness, meh feelings and general rantification.

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