Sunday, 24 May 2015

Yes, I need to talk to you again (my imaginary tutor)

yes, hallo, what's up?
i am having different problems
ok, tell me then
this is like a doctor, doctor joke...
no, it's not, be serious, don't waste my time
ok, i am trying to read collections of poetry. ones written by people i know, or ones which get to the top of my pile
you do realise that reading a collection is a big ask
yes, that's what i am finding
so, what exactly is your problem?
i hadn't expected it to take so much time and energy
or to be so draining to write about
or to matter so much
or to want to do it seriously
or to see the summer getting hotter and my book stack getting higher too, not smaller
how can i read enough if time just rushes on like this?
how can i, i don't know
have a piece of this chocolate and sit in the garden with a glass of what i am having
you do know that all this is totally normal, it's your problem though and i can only listen
life is swift and can be chopped just like that
how are things with you and your to-do list
great, thanks, i revise it each day, and i have a what's going on section so i remind myself of the big events which are in the background at the moment..actually i have missed out a humdinger of a situation on that list, i will go and add that to my consciousness. it's surprisingly easy to deny that something is going on.
i'm glad it's working for you at the moment. have you finished now?
...yes, thanks, do i have to stop talking about it now?
well, let's pretend the timer has just gone beep, beep, beep and it's now time to be one person again and wander in the imaginary blog garden
...this is falling apart..


With apologies to Anthony Wilson and his conversations with his book. I haven't meant to copy what he is doing, but it does look like that. Oh well, go and read his blog, it's a mine of treasures.

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