Monday, 11 May 2015

That moment - Project - London list

That moment

Chloe Dewe Matthews did her research and while doing it found herself with a project, it clarified itself in her mind. The moment of transition from not-knowing to knowing, to having no real plan to having one.

That is similar to the moment of finding something that needs to be written out, or when the words become tighter, more.

In fact there are many moments, they arise and they fade away again.


I have decided on a long term cleaning project in my parents' kitchen. I sit there on the floor and scrub away with gloves, baby wipes and spray. At least I am making a difference and am not encroaching on anyone else's roles in the house.

It is surprisingly soothing to be able to focus on one task and to use my hands to be busy. There is only so much talking about my situation that I can deal with before I get bored with the sound of my own voice :)


Took a photo of a sculpture in the drawing room
Heard about a language swap app, HalloTalk
Chatted briefly in Arabic to the falafel people down the road
Learnt more Serbian: dravo = hallo, dobre dan = hallo, laka notch = good night, ie going upstairs,
Yosh malo and otichis malo both mean have a bit more, as the alcohol is sloshed into a glass!
My father looked confused when I asked him what the word for no was, he doesn't think there is one!!
Da = yes and dobre = good, both of which Grandmama Maitland used to say a lot while on the phone to Belgrade, listening to family news.
He also didn't think there was a word for good bye, Serbian Goodbyes mean standing in the hall chatting and laughing all over again, the party restarts at the exit!!
He told me he was in fact Serbian Orthodox and only became C of E in order to get into a school, well there's a surprise, I never knew those 2 facts.

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