Friday, 17 April 2015

Walking from Summertown to Broad Street in the sun

I am getting to the point of not quite believing that all I have to do to hear my mother's voice is phone her. It is becoming less normal and more miraculous. She really does answer and really does speak in real time to me as I walk down a noisy road.

She even calls me back because my phone is the one with a small amount of credit on it. I don't even feel embarrassed to ask her to do that. Anything is ok now I feel.

So I update her on my plans, it feels different to detail where I am with neutral words, just sharing facts. It's temporary, it's a stepping stone, I'll see how it goes, I have to give details for the referencing process, the paperwork hasn't been signed yet.

Try not to criticise anyone, try not to swear. Though yesterday I had a right-old rant with 2 people I know well! After that I went back to careful-speak mode again.


There is so much to learn, silver markings, china manufacturers, getting a sense for what is worth what. I need my own loup with a little LED light in it. Various cleaning fluids to make the glass and china look beautiful.

Soon I'll go back to the Ashmolean simply to examine how items are displayed. I want to look at their mix of colours and shapes in each space. All these little worlds, independent of each other. Different varieties of beauty and contrast.

I fiddle around with the displays, putting eye-catching items by the street window, wanting them to be bought straight away!

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