Wednesday, 15 April 2015

On top of the roof

I have been up all the ladders and scaffolding today. Right up to the chimney pots. It's wonderful up there. The roofers are fixing so many problems and it looks so neat.

Three of us climbed up and discussed the most recent issues, peering under the edges of the roof tiles, putting my hand in the dry, dusty gaps between the wall and the roof. Holding different gutter fittings. Kneeling on planks. Holding the scaffolding.

From there we could see over the green gardens and fields. There are some bees at the top of one chimney all of a sudden, so I'll light a fire to smoke them out. It is our main fireplace, so they shouldn't be there.

Each set of ladders feels different. I hold on like a monkey and like the climbing up and down. I prefer being up there, it's like being on the sea bed being down on the ground again now.

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