Thursday, 9 April 2015

Easter lunch - Mother's Milk Books Writing Prize Anthology 2013


My brother and I both fooled around with our phones. Now I can't double click to get hold of them. My mother had an idea to seat us facing each other, 2 versus 2, instead of having my father at one end of the table. The dynamics were more friendly, cosy even, this way. We had flowers at each end of the table.


To prevent interrupting we waved a paper knife around, the talking stick. We didn't actually use it, but we were better than usual at taking turns to talk.

I made some mini films before lunch. Apparently there is a whole world of them out there on Vine. I thought I had thought of it myself. One of my mother's hands chopping potatoes, another of my brother's hands.


While we had champagne upstairs I took photos of the mantle piece and bookshelves. It's an easy way to take all those items back home with me. One is of my brother aged 2, looking thoughtful on a park bench, and another of me aged 3, little feet sticking out and happily looking at a big French children's picture book.


Mother's Milk Anthology - 'Parenting' - edited by Teika Bellamy

While H was having his 2nd driving lesson I stumbled on the Mother's Milk collection. I read most of it, flicking around the booklet, sitting on the floor. My poetry books are so hard to separate out into sections, so I read one instead. I am sure I recognise some poets' names from 52 in there.

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