Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Election Fever - Daily Diary - No Traces


I didn't ever expect to be paying attention to the Israeli elections. I am not going as far as with the US ones, no getting up at 5am to see what happened. Or staying up nearly as all night with our elections. I love it when I am able to do that. Twitter is my best source of info.

German daily diary

I have written one for H, to show him how I do this for my Arabic. I explained how just using German means he can read it back and practise the words he knows that way.

Then I explained how he can have a small dictionary of just the words like heute and ich bin which he might want to use each time he writes about his day.

My 3 years of effort are being condensed into 5 mins of tips for him. Mothering in a nutshell...

No Traces

Since H has started at LVS I have stopped making home ed notes. There is no record of the sort I used to create. It is a loss to have no perspective on what has happened since Sept 2014. I am disconnected from a process which I used to be part of and carefully observant of. How easily I drift away from a previous way of living. I wonder how other home ed families experience the moving on phase?

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