Saturday, 28 March 2015

Desert Island Discs

The Hall Forum has asked for us to do our list of 8, plus a book and luxury.

1. Falile se castilanke - Living with my family and grandparents, in Ovington Square, 1969-1971

2. Glenn Campbell - By the time I get to Phoenix - Living with my family in Tachbrook Street, 1970's

3. The Corries - O Flower of Scotland - Driving North to Scotland for summer holidays with my family, 1970's

4. Durufle's Requiem - Pie Jesu - Living in Durham, 1983

5. Britten and Pears - O Rose, thou art sick - Living in Edinburgh, 1987

6. Umm Kulthum  - Baeed Anak  - Living in Oxfordshire, 2014

7. Klangkarussell - Sonnentanz - Living in Oxfordshire, 2014

8. Eric Satie - Gnossiennes - Living in Oxfordshire, 2014

9. Cairokee - Ya Al Midan - Living in Oxfordshire, 2014

10. The Shipping Forecast - hugely emotional music from my teens onwards, particularly since it is played last thing at night on Radio 4, it reminds me of the home ed years of upside down days and nights, also of people at sea, I so feel for their suffering. It comes on before the actual forecast so you can go down below and get ready to write down all the details. My father is a skipper and navigator. I used to watch him practice at home, he'd explain exactly what it all meant, a born teacher.

Book - A copy of my blog so I could look at the photos of my family and read about the situations we got into. A never ending series of little Arabic readers created by friends with photos and sentences I can understand. It would be a one way communication from the other world, so I keep on learning. My favourite book of black and white photos of artists in their studios because I love people's faces and the personal chaos of a work space.

Luxury - A dark red or deep dark blue velvet ball dress. The Rothko room. Grounded helicopter to use as an armchair with a view out to sea, I could press the buttons and switches for fun.

Looking at this list: where are the many psalms, responses and anthems I used to sing in my church choir days? Or music from the wedding?

Even more to the point, what about a book of poetry? I am reading new poetry and stories, so don't want to go backwards. That's it.

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