Sunday, 15 February 2015

10 hour jaunt - Conflict, Time, Photography - Marlene Dumas


Driving over the rolling hills to the M4

Realising how lovely the row of bare trees is

Surprised by a white ballon on the roof of the Mosaic Rooms

Saw a missing person billboard, hope he's ok

Tried to focus on the houseboat roofs long enough to see them shift in the water

Unlocked the door of my parents' house and ate a snack

Off to the Tube to try my new route to the Tate Modern

Conflict, Time, Photography, confused by the inner room with the 'do not enter' sign

Shocked by the 3+ million killed in the Congo War, hadn't realised the scale

Still regarded the irregular ceramic bowl on the poster as that, not a helmet with a piece of skull fused to it, couldn't take in that information

I appreciated the stillness and calm of the Polish artist's tiny triptych concerning the Holocaust

Enjoyed the long mysterious strip of film turning from black into white, via jolts of blue and red

Remembered that I need to read Slaughter House 5, a few pages would be manageable

Surprisingly unfriendly atmosphere in the cafe, no table sharing, took my sore back to the dour balcony, made sure not to drop my coffee over the edge onto people way below

Launched into Marlene Dumas and was happy immediately

She paints with such certainty of colour and line, now I sound like an idiot!!

It was so clear when that deserted her, with Amy Winehouse, Princess Diana and the Crucifixion
Others really like those works, but I felt they weren't from her soul at all

Her colours were so sure, the brush strokes so placed and her sense of what she was experimenting with so strong

I need to know what else she is working on and want to be in her studio watching her

This video, 3 mins, inspired me to get up and go to London for her
See her passion and seriousness, how she uses her body, how she thinks, how she lives

I suggest not looking at the videos below, just go to London, then have a look at the other videos, with your own reactions and knowledge from being right there with her work

Interview in Dutch at her studio in Amsterdam, 10 mins

Russell Tovey on the show, 3 mins

Tachbrook Street

My father was a bit stubbly when I kissed him
My mother kissed me from her nap! reached up her arms, so we did that somehow

What else? sitting on my parents' bed
I brought tea up to my mother
We discussed some important things

We went downstairs and ate bread with butter and my father's plum and ginger jam
My mother showed me how she gets up from a chair without using her arms
My mother put on her coat and walked round to my car to say goodbye, without a stick


A car gave us all a wary feeling, it was swerving every so often, we all dropped back behind it

I had a talk with myself about the importance of learning vocab
I decided I need to learn to read more and faster and not waste my time

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