Friday, 16 January 2015

Submitting - Austin Powers - That Country - Penchant


Wonderful piece about how to send off poems to magazines in a systematic way: by Jo Bell. Is this the piece which mentions soft returns and hard returns in Word documents? I got that wrong only last week, so make sure you learn to close up the gaps between lines.

Austin Powers movies

We decided to slowly write out the best bit of the first film, a speech given my Dr Evil on his childhood and on his father. Here is one line:

'Sometimes he would accuse chestnuts of being lazy.'

That Country/The Holy Land

We started with the dating systems, the 3 religions, each emerging from the previous one.

H has asked me to explain what is going on there. What a mess! My history lesson has covered pretty much everything, but using non-historically correct words and wildly simplified. I am now thrilled because H has got a map open and after even spontaneously found Mecca in English and Arabic. Guess what? I asked him if it started from the right with a little bobble and he said yes. So I told him that was the letter 'mim', ie 'm'.

Now he is searching for Jaw Prison in Manama, because I asked him to, like looking for an Arabic name in an Arabic haystack he says, not finding it! Gosh, wonders never cease.


H heard me say the word 'penchant' and once we agreed what it meant he said he'd read it but hadn't known it was pronounced like that.

I confessed to my awful moment with my Serbian grandmother when I was about 19. I mentioned Proust, but since no one in my family had ever used that name in my presence I assumed my way was correct. What a put down to be told the correct way, with no intro, just a deliberate 'Proust' spoken at me. She was the kindest person, so it wasn't nasty, just an instant correction.

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