Friday, 23 January 2015

Scaffolding - Silent movie - Dead end at the Bodleian

My phone takes photos in the dark, so I have 2 of the scaffolding by our back door to add to this post.

Doesn't this remind you of ballet classes? I like the unplanned arrangement of the chairs too.

I also took a silent one handed movie of the things around me at this desk. I might do one of my other desk later. H did things in the kitchen on video, but I can't put that here. He said I sounded like my mother when I played it back.

I want to have a look at Arabic manuscripts, so off I go to the Bodleian. I'd have had more joy from going to the local garage! I did tell myself not to expect too much. It's annoying to be treated as if I had two heads yet again. After that I lurked in my own Department library in the basement and felt more human. On-line manuscript collections seem to be the new thing:

Wellcome Institute

Oxford Bodleian,

Univ of Michigan

Now to actually identify the oldest manuscript in each collection and start from there. I might eat that round chocolate as a prize once I get into one of these sites properly.

Ok, this one is from the 10th century. Now I need someone to answer my questions.

See how the manuscript, a set of pages like a little book, has been photographed from all 4 sides as an object in itself, pages 12 - 15.

I could read herdha and fi ulm on the top line of the first page, but using google translate hasn't helped me with both new words, only one. See the gobbledegook in the middle there.


  1. Thank you for adding my post "a poem inspired by a painting inspired by a poem" to your blog list! I see you're a fellow homeschooler and Bodleian aficionado - wonderful. - Jalina

  2. Are you really a home edder???? That's wonderful. I spent 6 1/2 years doing it with my younger son H. He's now doing other things, but once into that world, never the same. I'll see you at the next event I can get to.

    By the way, I went to the Warhol and have some poems from there.

    Oh, don't remind me about the Bodleian, I can't get in and am gnashing my teeth at the fact I can't go to some lectures on manuscripts. I don't have the time, but that isn't the point.

    I go to the London Library though.


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