Monday, 1 December 2014

A hidden sonnet - Richard Hayden - Those Winter Sundays

Playing around with form.

Hidden sonnets

Have a look at this sonnet. Richard Hayden - Those Winter Sundays. It has 3 stanzas, a 5 line, then a 4 line, then a 5 line. The last 2 lines are different, a summing up and development. I love the way sonnets are wrangled about to look entirely different, yet when I count lines, as I always like to do, there they are. So often they are not labelled as such. Hidden sonnets.


On a forum I am on, I suggested that someone try putting in breaks to emphasise the stanzas of a sonnet. The writer decided to indent the second 4 lines, then revert back to left justification for the next 4 lines. In fact the last 2 lines got the chop too, but it was 14 lines long before this new version. I have never seen, or noticed, that before. Very neat.

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