Saturday, 1 November 2014

Not happy with Solo (Library system in Oxford)

It has done it again, let me view interesting stuff (British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies), then told me I have no ability to access it. I get more satisfaction from Facebook. Bah humbug, academic institutions either kill off your interest or drive spikes into your heart so you get the bloody stuff some other way. I knew there was a catch. No such thing as a free library/lunch.

So........facebook has led me to this online journal, which does open when clicked, and provides English and Arabic, and what's more, translated by someone who has read to me in person. Much better than a cold system. The magazine is called 'Tulips', and has text as well as images.

On reflection, the benefit of not being able to access things via Solo is that I am not swamping myself further with too much to read. And I only make a supreme effort to get hold of something if I truly want it, so this situation is acting as a delaying mechanism for my naturally impetuous self.

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