Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Having my mother to stay: it feels like Christmas

The cat from next door has started to go straight to her bed in the mornings. I go in and see them both in the bed. Having a memory foam top layer was a good decision.

I move the tv cable from downstairs to upstairs and back again each night and morning. It is important to my mother to be able to see the woolly mammoth dissection programme. So I'm crawling around under my son's desk more than I ever have before to do the plugging in and unplugging.

Soon we will open up the old stationary boxes her mother kept the Christmas decorations in. They have been passed on to me. I think we can use an unused fireplace as the spot to install the crib. Maybe this year I can put logs and dry leaves from the garden around it. Every year it looks different.

I have not been able to spend Christmas with my parents for various excellent reasons for many years. We can have a mini one here instead. I even have a pudding with cherries in the middle.

She is on the sofa sleeping, with a duvet and the cat on top of her. A real version of family stuff going on in our own stable/house.

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