Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Book stack - Songs on the A34

This is my Arabic book stack which I cart around in the car. Too much. After the photo I split it into work I need to do for the lesson and 'other'. The book at the bottom will keep me busy for months. The children's book Al Diktatur will take a while, there are so many pages. I am only on the second page of the actual story. There is a film in the stack I can share around.

The second photo is of my notes on the poem I am trying to translate. It's a start. I need to look carefully at another poem written by the poet and at its translation into English. I also need to look carefully at the inspiration text in Arabic, but at least I know the English version extremely well. The Arabic will have slightly different connotations and shift my world around a bit. Then I will be more ready to decide on the meanings I will pick on for the translation. I have been peering at my dictionary with my glasses off so I can see every letter exactly, and at the printed poem. All so tiny, these little letters.


On my way back from the Woodstock Poetry Festival on the A34 I heard 2 lovely late night songs:

George Ezra

Snow Patrol

Then I switched off the radio so I could remember the titles and find them back at home. Not as easy as I expected.

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