Monday, 6 October 2014

So: the Swindon Poetry Festival 2014

The list of the fabulous things I missed is longer than the list of things I saw.

So many people, chatting, how did you get into poetry, who are you reading, where are you published, are you in a regular workshop, what is your writing like, what has changed for you since this afternoon? How tired are you? Where is my key? Come over here and talk, I am going to sleep now, I had a thought and my shoulder suddenly started hurting, checking out the new men in an instant, going outside to confess our reactions, get it out of our systems. Hmm, my household is so like yours. Wow, I love what you wrote? Instant writing, reading out what we have written, deciding which collections to buy. Showing someone the Arabic alphabet, shoot me, I can't help myself. Endless talking and being with people we already know from sharing our stuff over these past months. A word game out in the sunshine. Sleeping on the sofa, warm blanket, hearing the people talking past me, no internet, just our little, huge world, endless tentacles of other links. Faces, expressions, saying, writing things we didn't know were there.

Reading: Michael Scott and Emily Harrison (wonderful titles)
Reading/Performance: Mohan Rana/Jo Quail and SAPAC dancers
Workshop: Cliff Yates = 2 new poems
Workshop: Jackie Wills = 2 more new poems
Reading: Allison McVety
Reading: Cliff Yates and Jackie Wills
Reading: Battered Moons prize-giving and readings/David Morley/Cristina Navazo-Eguia Newton/wonderful guitarist

I have just looked at the full programme, I can't believe all the things I missed. Just note down all the names and in time recognise them when they appear in your world. I am shaking my head.

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