Monday, 20 October 2014

Can't get away from Godzilla and now Blake

Ehat's all this/ This is an experiment, to keep all typos in and leave the sentences as they are. The Ican do an edited version, to show the huge diffenrece betwen what I start with and what is the resutl. This is a very odd sensation, not correnting as aI cgo along. It almost hurst!!

So: Godxilla cartoons by someone call Janis Ian s all over one of my facebooj skteeams. Ouch this is awful.

And: Blake is in ModPo Plus. Singing in a nasel voice and twanging away on his guitar. I am going to have to get the book. I hadn't realised that oh roase thou ae t sick is a Blake song, set o f words. I have been lsistening to te the Pater Pears and Britten setting of those words for years, decades. Those perfecty sung words, such difficult moves between notes, incredibly specific orchestra, a piece which stands by itself .

That was a painful experiment.

Godzilla is a meme of some sort, cartoons appear on one of my facebook streams. Aha, it is a facebook person called Janis Ian, who has got the haiku bug and is applying it to Godzilla. Full explanation.

The name also appeared in a poem I came across in the Pinsky course: How I got that name by Marilyn Chin

Blake has turned up in the Pinsky course too: The Fly, and Rose, Thou Art Sick. A search for the texts made it clear that they are only half alive without the pictures.

Whole series of little pictures with the poems written within them: Songs

Info about the beautiful dark blue room at the Tate near my parents' house in Pimlico which has intense little prints on the walls. I do feel a twit for only going to have a look earlier this year. Better late than never.

Last of all, Allen Ginsberg singing The Garden of Love, go down to item 5 in the Songs of Experience section of that link to PennSound. This is part of ModPo Plus. The singing is strangely enjoyable, I think because it ends without resolution, just hanging there mid-air.

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