Thursday, 9 October 2014

A Book - Flat-lining emotionally

My book has a title and I think I got round to a first line. The title is 'De-Escalate' as in 'all you need to do is lower the emotional temperature' or 'calm down' or 'go limp' or 'just stop fighting'.

I can't really see the point of writing any more, either people get it or they don't. How can my extensive words here and elsewhere in real life, arguing on the street, saying too much in pubs, be put any better in a few lines? If people haven't understood my reasoning, then I can't help them. Writing any more would upset my apple cart all over again.

Other people write about home education already.

Cranky and tired.
No weekly meet ups with my friends.
Too many changes all at once.
New groups and ways of doing things.
Cold weather.
Still flat-lining somehow, in spite of all the Poetry Festival and wall to wall studying.
Maybe I need a cold and many hours with day time tv and Al Jazeera documentaries about feel good topics.
Other stuff, that's the real problem area.

So -- go away and write about it or make an anti-Ebola donation to the UN, or both.

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