Tuesday, 9 September 2014

LVS Oxford - A new school

Let people know about this new school. Particularly anyone who has a young person in their family who might want to know it is there as an option. Also Local Authority officials, teaching staff, home educating families, medical staff, CAMHS, your neighbour, the post man and the person you always chat to but don't know their name.

Let people know about home education too, that's a legal option. Again all the same suspects as above. You might need to tell yourself about home education too as it's not such a familiar option. One approach does not exclude another.


he-special On the right there is a button to take you to join the discussion. This is an online list which bends over backwards to listen and help those home educating or thinking of doing so when their child has special needs of some sort. Once you have some expertise you might find yourself offering that same careful and hard won support to others. It is in English, but you could try google translate if necessary.

Were I to compile a short booklet of what I have learnt over these past years, I would work from my posts there and the wonderful compassionate replies.

Mumsnet - the home ed board and the special needs board. Just roam around and use your common sense. Some people are so aggressive and some are wise and kind. Learn to read and assess what is written. A wonderful resource. You can search back many years too.

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