Monday, 1 September 2014

Back to school or not back to school

I can't believe it but 6 1/2 years of home education are over, just like that, from one minute to the next. I have all these home ed blogs on my side bar. You are so, so lucky, even when it is going unpredictably, everyone is unsure about what exactly the purpose of all this is and there is no obvious achievement of goals.

Believe me, all sorts of things are growing and changing while you have a confusing day or year. I am about to get my reward after all these dark nights and out on a limb days.

Somewhere ages ago I read a tiny snippet from an old Nordic saga or some such mysterious voice from the deep about boys lying in the ashes by the fire for their teenage years.

This image from many centuries away struck me as a glimpse of how things really are and how it will be ok to let things progress in their own ancient way. I got the image years before I needed it, but it was there in my mind, ready for me.

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