Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Your whole life

Muriel Rukeyser: "And it seems to me that the invitation of poetry is to bring your whole life to this moment, this moment is real, this moment is what we have, this moment in which we face each other, and if a poem is any damn good at all, it invites you to bring your whole life to that moment, and we are good poets inasmuch as we bring that invitation to you, and you are good readers inasmuch as you bring your whole life to the reading of the poem."
Quote from a book I read nearly a year ago. I can't imagine I understood much of it. I had never heard of most of the writers, even Muriel Rukeyser is 100% new to me.

The book is in the London Library if you have access to it: classroom-magic-25-years-of-conversations-with-americas-poets. This link takes you to a review of it, plus quotations.

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